Arif Kornweitz, 2020

DMT (The Devil Museum)

The Devil Museum is an audio drama by Amsterdam based artist Jacob Dwyer. In it we listen to the diary of a man tasked with photographing all three-thousand of a museum’s devil sculptures. The work was produced on residency at Rupert (Lithuania). It combines field recordings with original musical compositions by Kareem Lotfy and Jacob Oostra.

Jacob Dwyer invited me to remix excerpts from the work, and add my own music. The result is a mix that situates the narrative in a spiral in London.



Arif - DCC (UUSE)
Kano - Signs in Life (Slowed)
Arif - Mimosa (UUUSE)
Madteo - Evol On
Arif - Slew (UUUUSE)
Duma - Pembe 666
Rabit - Rebirth (Smoked Out)


RUBBER • · RUBBER TIJD with The Devil Museum by Jacob Dwyer, remixed and mixed by Arif

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