Arif Kornweitz, 2018

Gear Up

Class & Exhibition, ArtEZ & Het Nieuwe Instituut

In the Interaction Design department at ArtEZ in 2017, I taught a studio about surveillance regimes and forensic aesthetics, guiding students to create speculative designs and working prototypes. The works included:

The final projects were presented in a pop-in exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut in 2018. The works functioned as conversation pieces to stimulate discourse on ways to increase the agency, mobility and (in)visibility of surveilled populations. The minimal exhibition design and techno-optimism of the prototypes was offset by a poster-sized publication featuring a text by Becket Flannery. His manic, paranoid prose echoed a manifesto by Christopher Dorner, a former LAPD officer who went on a killing spree and consequently was the first person to be hunted by drones on American soil.


Image: Merel Peters


Image: Jelle Reith


Exhibition view.

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