Arif Kornweitz, 2019

Sleepwalking in a Haze

I read this the other day:
you must fight something
in order to understand it.

Invisibility is not a stable condition. Yet critical practices frequently offer invisibility as a tactic in response to violent, excluding visibilities. This lecture-performance considered invisibility vs non-visibility tactics in the face of violent regimes of representation. Youtube videos of the B-2 stealth bomber were screened with custom soundtracks and modified titles. A two-part talk followed, first describing the B-2’s design and recent missions. Consequently, invisibility and uncertainty were juxtaposed with non-visibility and indeterminacy. A document-karaoke session concluded the performance.

Lecture-performance (sound piece, modified youtube videos, talk, karaoke.)
Presented at the ‘Uncertainty Seminar: Not Getting It’ at Stroom in The Hague.

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